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What is a Separation Agreement?

A Separation Agreement is a written agreement between two parties that sets out the financial arrangements while you are separated or still deciding whether you are going to proceed with a divorce or a dissolution of your civil partnership.


When is a Separation Agreement Used?

A separation agreement is typically used when a couple decides to separate but not necessarily divorce or they are not married but have separated. Whether a separation agreement is appropriate and recommended will ultimately depend on the facts of each case. However, some situations where a separation agreement might be appropriate include:

 1. Trial separation:

Couples may want to try living apart for a period before making a final decision about divorce/permanent separation. A separation agreement can outline the terms of the trial separation, including issues such as child arrangements, financial support and the division of assets.

 2. Legal protection:

A separation agreement can provide legal protection for both parties by clearly defining their rights and responsibilities during the separation period. This can help prevent misunderstandings or disputes later on.

3. Child arrangements and support:

If the couple has children, a separation agreement can establish arrangements for child arrangements and child maintenance during the separation period. This can help maintain stability and minimise the impact on the children.

 4. Financial matters:

A separation agreement can address financial issues such as spousal support, division of assets and debts, and how expenses will be handled during the separation. This can provide important clarity and prevent conflicts over money.

 5. Health and benefits:

If one spouse provides health insurance or other benefits for the other, a separation agreement can outline how these benefits will be maintained during the separation period.

 6. Preparing for divorce:

In some cases, a separation agreement can serve as a precursor to divorce by laying the groundwork for the eventual dissolution of the marriage. It can address many of the same issues that would be addressed in a divorce settlement, making the divorce process smoother and less contentious.


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Written by Marie-Cecilia Ferreira



This blog post is not intended to be taken as advice or acted upon. If you are seeking legal advice, please contact our team of solicitors.

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