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What is stonewalling?

Stonewalling refers to the refusal of communicating or cooperating with another person. This can be common within conflicts, and in this instance, divorce and separation cases. This can be frustrating for the individual on the receiving end as stonewalling usually involves one party wanting to resolve the issue, but being unable to get an answer, or any cooperation during this tough time could result in resentment and further relationship issues.


Stonewalling in relationships

Stonewalling in a relationship is common and can be identified in a way where the partner refuses to express their concerns. They can figuratively become like a stone wall. This can be seen as receiving “the silent treatment” or experiencing a negative change in how your partner communicates with you. It can also be identified in a partner being dismissive of everything their partner suggests or not being open about their grievances with their partner.


The reasons in which people stonewall in relationships vary. In some instances, an individual wants to punish their partner because of something that they have done which has made them unhappy. In many relationships, people believe their partner should be able to identify their issue or grievance without them even having to mention anything which can cause tension in itself.

In other cases, some people may lack the emotional ability to express what they are feeling, perhaps because it could be too painful, or they want to avoid the possibility of any form of confrontation.


What measures should I take if stonewalling is affecting my marriage?

Stonewalling rarely leaves a positive effect on marriages. It can leave the person on the receiving end feeling unable to help or make any changes or improvements to the relationship. This will inevitably be made worse if there are children involved. If this happens too often in a relationship, they may begin to feel resentful that they are being treated in such a way.


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