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In the context of the Family Court, safeguarding refers to the legal and ethical responsibility of protecting the well-being and rights of individuals, especially vulnerable individuals such as children or adults who may be at risk of harm or abuse. Safeguarding measures are put in place to prevent and respond to situations where individuals may be at risk of significant harm, neglect or abuse. 


How do Family Courts get involved in safeguarding?

Family Courts play a crucial role in safeguarding by ensuring that the best interests of children and vulnerable adults are prioritised in legal proceedings such as contested children’s proceedings, divorce cases and cases involving the welfare of a child. This may involve making decisions about custody, non-molestation orders, occupation orders, prohibited steps order or other interventions to protect individuals from harm.


Will Social Services get involved?

Safeguarding in the Family Court often involves collaboration with Social Services/Cafcass, law enforcement agencies (i.e. police) and other relevant professionals to assess risks, provide support and implement appropriate interventions to safeguard the well-being of individuals involved in family disputes or legal proceedings.


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