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Family Court Reform

Updated: Jun 28

Domestic abuse victims and their children will receive greater protections in a major "overhaul of how the family courts deal with the horrific crime", the government has announced.

The move follows an expert-led review into how the family courts have been handling domestic abuse and other serious offences, which subsequently raised concerns at how the victims and children were being put at unnecessary risk.

Under the new plans, the proposed reforms include:

• More victims of domestic abuse being given access to separate building entrances and waiting rooms as well as protective screens to shield them from their alleged abuser in court

• Stronger powers for judges to issue barring orders which prevent abusive ex-partners from repeatedly dragging their victims back to court—which can be used as a form of continuing domestic abuse

• Fundamental reform of how courts hear cases through a new investigative court process will be trialled as part of the Integrated Domestic Abuse Courts pilot—these consider family and criminal matters in parallel in order to provide more consistent support for victims. Emphasis will be placed on getting to the root of an issue and ensuring all parties are safe and able to provide evidence on an equal footing—without the retraumatising effects of being in court with an abusive ex-partner

Justice Minister Alex Chalk said:

“Every day the family courts see some of the most vulnerable in society and we have a duty to ensure they are protected and not put in danger.

This report lays bare many hard truths about long-standing failings, but we are determined to drive the fundamental change necessary to keep victims and their children safe.

But this is not all we’re doing. Our landmark Domestic Abuse Bill will transform society’s response to this destructive crime – protecting victims and pursuing perpetrators more than ever before.”

The expert panel was made up of representatives from charities, the judiciary, family law practitioners and academia, and took the views of more than 1,200 individuals and organisations.

For the full announcement and comment, click here. For the review, click here.

Domestic Violence Solicitors

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