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Divorce Settlement Not Final, Rules Court Of Appeal

A divorcee who made unwise investments and became impecunious after a divorce settlement in 2002 has gone back to court to obtain an increase in the monthly payments from her ex-husband and an extension to ensure that she will continue to receive the payments until the end of her life.

When the couple divorced after 13 years of marriage, the ex-wife was awarded more than £200,000 out of their capital and monthly payments of £1,100. However, her investments of her capital into property proved ill-timed and left her in debt.

The application was argued to the Court of Appeal, which ruled that her monthly payments should be increased to £1,441. It rejected her ex-husband's contention that it would be unfair were he to 'carry the can' for her unwise investment decisions.

Reaching agreement on the financial arrangements when a relationship breaks up often requires negotiating skill, tact and expertise. We can help you achieve a satisfactory outcome without unnecessary stress.

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