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Two Ways to Limit the Impact of COVID-19 on Separated Families

Updated: Jun 28

With the recent outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the risks and obstructions it poses, it is important for parents and families to do all they can to help and support one another.

For parents who are separated, these times can be even more challenging with contact arrangements being changed, restricted or limited by self-isolation and quarantines, often at very short notice.

With the uncertainty that surrounds the situation, and the frustrations that stem from e.g rescheduled contact, it is important for parents to remain child focused and to adopt a more understanding approach towards the other parent’s circumstances.

Some examples are:

- That the parent may not see the child or children for several days

- That the parent may not have sufficient provisions at home

- That the child or children may be missing the other parent

It may be a good idea to provide the parent (without the child or children) regular updates on health and wellbeing and to try to make the child or children available for contact over FaceTime or Skype.

Similarly, the parent without contact should be mindful that the circumstances that result in them not seeing their child or children are far from ideal and with the prospects of illness facing us all, contact arrangements may not be as enjoyable for the parent with contact as they may think.

Whilst the above circumstances are far from perfect, we can all be a little more flexible, considerate and kind towards others and use the technology that we have available at our disposal to do what is in the child/children’s best interests.

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