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Earlier this month a proposal was published, highlighting the intention to raise the fees to apply for a grant of probate. The consultation is expected to run until 23 September and if passed will increase the fee to apply for a grant of probate from £155 and £215 – for probate professionals and individuals respectively – to a flat fee of £273 for all applicants, regardless of the size of the estate. The current discrepancy between professional applications and individuals was justified on the basis that professional applications were likely to take less time to process than those submitted by individuals


The MoJ stressed that the proposals will not generate any profit for the government and are ‘significantly different’ from the fee hike that was scrapped in 2019, which would have seen bereaved families paying up to £6,000 for grants of probate. Estates that are worth less than £5,000 will not attract a fee, as is currently the case.


What is a grant of Probate or a Grant of administration?

Probate/administration are the terms for the process required to obtain the Grant to be able to deal with a deceased’s person’s estate and access estate assets. The procedure is the same whether there is a Will or not, but the terminology will be different.


What happens if there is no Will?

When an individual passes away without drawing up a Will, the division of their estate can often be a lengthy and complicated process, which means your loved ones could be left in a financial predicament during an already highly emotional and stressful time. Drawing up a Will provides you with security knowing that your assets will go to those you have chosen and that there are unlikely to be any disputes amongst family members, as your wishes will be respected.


Experienced Regulated Private Client Solicitors

Seeking the advice of a specialist can help ease the burden and stress of the process of dealing with an estate after a loved one has passed away. This can be a complex legal process and it is best managed by an experienced professional.

Rose & Rose are tightly regulated, providing legal services that must comply with the highest professional standards. Our Wills and Probate team are experienced and provide clear and practical advice in a cost-effective way.

Sally-Ann Joseph is an Associate Member of the Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners and the firm is regulated by the professional governing body, the Solicitors Regulation Authority so you can be confident that the advice you receive will be tailored to your specific requirements.


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