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An Employment Tribunal is chaired by a lawyer and made up of two independent ‘wing’ members with experience of employment relations. It is up to the tribunal to:

  • weigh up the evidence

  • consider the law

  • decide whether your claim against your employer is justified.

In doing this the tribunal may also consider:

  • what policies or procedures your employer has for dealing with the problems at word;

  • your behaviour and your employer’s behaviour throughout the time you were employed; and

  • what steps you and your employer have already taken to solve this problem.

Tribunal Hearings are usually completed within a day. Decisions are made by majority vote and most are announced straight away. If the tribunal decides in your favour, it has the power to award you compensation. Of if you are claiming for unfair dismissal, it can sometimes order your employer to give you your job back, though this is rare.

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