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A large number of motoring offences are dealt with by way of a Summons to appear at a Magistrates’ Court local to the area where the offence is alleged to have taken place.

A Summons can be usually dealt with in three ways:

1. Pleading guilty by post;
2. Pleading guilty in person;
3. Pleading not guilty.

Pleading Guilty by Post

In cases where there will normally be a fine and points imposed, it is possible to plead guilty to the offence and submit your Plea Form and Statement of Means to the Court who will consider this on the day stated upon the Summons.

Rose & Rose can assist you in the completion of these forms together with submitting a Mitigation Statement on your behalf to allow the Magistrates to take into consideration any further matters that are relevant in the case.

Pleading Guilty in Person

In cases where a disqualification is likely, or for more serious offences, the option of pleading guilty by post is not available. Alternatively, the mitigation may be of a complex or extensive nature, which will not be best, served by Mitigation Statement. At Rose & Rose, we can offer a fixed fee service including advice, preparation and representation at the Court.

Pleading Not Guilty

In cases where you wish to investigate whether you are guilty of the offence, or you are sure that the police have not pursued the correct procedure in the case, we can offer full advice and price structure to assist you to reach a full and informed decision on how to plead to the charges.

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