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Dissolution of Civil Partnerships

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Dissolution of Civil Partnerships

Dissolution of Civil Partnerships

Civil partnerships can be either dissolved or annulled. Annulments are usually done within the first three years of the partnership and can be utilised if the conditions for the partnership were never originally met.

Most commonly, civil partners will dissolve their civil partnership. Much like a divorce, dissolving a civil partnership requires a legal process to be followed. The parties involved must have been in the civil partnership for at least one year before applying for dissolution. At this point, either party, or both parties, jointly, can apply for dissolution.

In an application for civil partnership dissolution, a statement of irretrievable breakdown must be provided. The traditional ‘facts’ that used to be relied upon in order to prove this are no longer applicable.

How long does the dissolution process take?

The process usually takes around 6 months, but it is usual not to finalise the dissolution until a financial agreement has been reached.

Financial claims

In the same way that on divorce married couples have substantial rights and obligations, those exist on dissolution of civil partnership. They include:-

  • an order for maintenance pending suit (interim maintenance);

  • a periodical payments order (on-going maintenance);

  • a secured provision order;

  • a lump sum order;

  • a property adjustment order (sale, transfer etc);

  • a pension sharing/attachment order.

As is the case with divorce, settlement of financial claims can be reached by way of mediation, voluntary negotiations, or following an application to the court.

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