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Traditionally, the first working Monday of the New Year if often referred to as the ‘Divorce Day’, the day that most couples file for separation. Family Solicitors usually see a higher volume of enquiries as most couples decide to address the relationship issues after the Christmas Break.

This year, however, experts believe that the Divorce Day may fall on the 6th of April 2022 when the new No-Fault Divorce bill becomes law. Under the current law, if you are of the opinion that the relationship has broken down irretrievably, you will need to rely on one of the five stated facts, namely adultery, unreasonable behaviour, five years of separation without consent, two years of separation with consent or desertion.


The new legislation, states that either party will be able to request a divorce without having to rely on any of the five facts or cite blame to the other. The new bill is expected to make the divorce process less stressful and quicker to progress and has been the biggest reform to divorce law in 50 years.


If you are unsure on whether you need to commence proceedings now or wait until April 2022 to file for a divorce, our team of Family Solicitors we will discuss each step of the process with you providing you with advice on the different alternatives and costs involved.

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