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Dog Ownership Disputes

Dog Ownership Dispute Solicitors

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Dog Ownership Dispute Solicitors

Under UK law, dogs are considered personal possessions, meaning it is possible for disputes to arise surrounding ownership.

If there is a dispute relating to ownership of your dog, though this area of law is often complex, our solicitors will do all they can to ensure your animal is in safe hands.


Ownership Disputes

If a dog is not returned to its rightful owner, there is a breach of the Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977 (since the dogs are considered “chattels”), and the matter can be escalated. If a case of this nature appears in court, common identification factors such as the dog’s microchip, ownership papers and vet registration are considered before an order is created as to whether the dog should be returned.

In small claims courts, the process of making a claim has been designed to be accessible in the hope that disputes can be resolved quickly and effectively without the support of a solicitor. However, in more complex and lengthy cases, it is vital to seek the advice and guidance of an accomplished lawyer who will do all they can to protect your pet.


Ownership of Dogs Dispute

To prevent issues from escalating and ensure that you are not faced with your dog being sold, our knowledgeable, friendly, dog-loving solicitors will be able to support you with your claim.

It is vital to raise the issue to a solicitor as soon as it arises, giving you the best chance of having your dog returned to you without causing serious and often unnecessary distress.

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