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When a death is reported to a coroner a doctor may report the death to a coroner if the:

  • Cause of death is unknown

  • Death was violent or unnatural

  • Death was sudden and unexplained

  • Person who died was not visited by a medical practitioner

  • During their final illness

  • Medical certificate isn’t available

  • Person who died wasn’t seen by the doctor who signed the medical certificate within 14 days before death or after they died

  • Death occurred during an operation or before the person came out of anaesthetic

  • Medical certificate suggests the death may have been caused by an industrial disease or industrial poisoning

The coroner may decide a post-mortem is needed to find out how the person died. This can be done either in a hospital or mortuary. If the coroner decides to hold an inquest a coroner must hold an inquest if the cause of death is still unknown, or if the person:

  • Possibly died a violent or unnatural death

  • Died in prison or police custody

You may wish to be represented at an inquest in order to pose questions relating to the death and the circumstances surrounding it.

We understand the complexities of an inquest and can act for you in relation to the inquest. Please contact a member of our team below or email info@roselegal.co.uk to discuss your case. Our experienced team are here to help you.

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