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Business Dispute Solicitors

There are a variety of disputes that businesses might face relating to both internal and external factors.

It is essential that whether there are issues relating to finance, day-to-day operations, disgruntled clients or employees or shareholders, your business does all it can to avoid disputes arising and escalating into costly and inconvenient issues.

Seeking advice as soon as a dispute arises is paramount. At Rose & Rose, we have seen a recent increase in commercial business disputes due to the unpredictable, volatile state of the UK economy.  


Dispute Resolution Solicitors

At Rose & Rose, based in Kingston Upon Thames, we have extensive experience in advising businesses in a wide range of commercial disputes, including:

  • Partnership and shareholder disputes.
  • Director disputes.
  • Contract disputes.
  • Commercial property disputes.

Our lawyers and litigators are highly regarded and act for businesses of all sizes facing issues. We can support clients in both High and County Courts and, where appropriate, can advise on alternative dispute resolution (ADR).


Business Dispute Solicitor Kingston Upon Thames

When facing a dispute as a business, reaching a solution early is always preferable. In this case, the long-term damage to a company, both reputational and financial, is likely to be limited. Our litigators will work carefully yet efficiently to achieve the most favourable outcome for your firm.

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